1880, circa, Church Session Members

Sixteen early settlers of Macomb joined forces in 1832 under the leadership of the Reverend William J. Frazer to organize the first church in the sparsely settled McDonough County. By 1853, we numbered over 100 members and had outgrown our first small brick building. We replaced it with a white frame church one half block west of our current building.
As McDonough County grew, we continued to grow. A revival in 1874 added 103 new members. In 1893, we built our present building. As Sunday School increased in importance, we began to outgrow our sanctuary, the back of which also served as classroom space.

1912, circa, Sanctuary

In 1925, we added a three-story section with a gymnasium, ladies’ parlor, and three Sunday School departments of classrooms. With 450 enrolled in Sunday School, we had 75 volunteer teachers.

Our congregation enjoyed the fellowship opportunities allowed by the new gymnasium. The gym also provided space for recreation for WPA workers during the Depression and for USO activities during WWII. In 1958, the educational wing was completed.

100th Anniversary Banquet in the gym

Shortly after another major renovation of our building, we celebrated our 175th Anniversary in 2007.

Recently several updates and improvements were completed.


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