Handbell Choirs Director

First Presbyterian Church is seeking a new handbell choirs director.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  The salary is approximately $100 per week.
Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to:  srieckelman@aol.com



Reports to:

Director of Music; Worship Committee

Overview of Position:

The Hand Bell Choir Director assists in leading the congregation in worship through the music of the three hand bell choirs: Westminster Bell Choir (grades 4-6); Knox Bell Choir (grades 7-12); and Carillon Bell Choir (adults). In addition, the Director seeks to enhance each musician’s musical experience and Christian witness through the learning and performance of music in rehearsal and worship.

Education required:

A bachelor’s degree is preferred.

Preferred experience and qualification :

-Three years hand bell performance, and two years musical direction.

Christian by faith, but not to the exclusion of all applicants.

Specific Skills/Qualifications Required:

-The Director must be knowledgeable about the instruments and their care, as well as proper playing techniques.

-The Director must read music and be particularly proficient in regard to hand bell charts.

Regular Work Days/Hours:

-The Director shall conduct weekly rehearsals for each choir, beginning in late August or early September. He/she also directs the choirs in scheduled worship presentations from October through May. (Each choir usually participates in worship every four to six weeks.)

Regular Work Responsibilities:

-The Director selects theologically appropriate music literature for presentation in worship, and schedules this participation in consultation with the pastor and Director of Music.

-The Director conducts regular weekly rehearsals for each choir, and directs the choirs in worship participation.

-The Director is responsible for overseeing the storage, maintenance, cleaning and minor repairs of the bells, the cleaning of gloves and tablecloths, and maintenance of bell tables and stands.

-The Director oversees the setting up of bell tables for performances, and moving of bells from and to the practice room.

-The Director will recruit new choir members.

-The Director will inform the church office at least one week in advance of presentation the specific music to be presented in worship.

Occasional Work Responsibilities:

The Director occasionally may be asked to attend planning meetings with other church staff members.

The Director occasionally may be asked to prepare and direct a handbell choir for a special service or concert setting.

Salary/Benefits: To be determined by Session

(revised May 2016)