An Active Congregation

We are a Christian community who are actively involved. Members see a need and they act…in a variety of ways.

Many volunteer to assist in worship

As musicians

As lectors

As sound technicians

As ushers.

Others assist in worship as they create the liturgy, serve as greeters, prepare and serve communion, drive others to worship services, and complete many other tasks.


Maintaining and updating our beautiful, historic church takes a great deal of attention and we have volunteers who see the need and act.

Cleaning chairs

Staining wood

Decorating the sanctuary

Others fix the drywall, paint the walls, mow the lawns, trim the bushes, shovel the snow, clean the kitchen, dust the balcony…whatever needs doing, we usually have someone who will volunteer to do it!


Regular administrative and communication tasks are supplemented by volunteers.

Volunteers serve as church secretary when needed.

Volunteers lead book studies.


A PW circle sees the need to learn more about our neighbors with different religions and creates an opportunity.

Volunteers work to create youth and adult Christian education opportunities.

A volunteer newsletter editor creates and publishes a monthly newsletter – even when she is in California for the summer!

We are certainly blessed for a large number of volunteers who are actively involved in a variety of activities.

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